... I was gonna say, running is a great warm up for stretching. But really, in the morning when you're still asleep, I find jsut some light little jumps and bobs to get goin' is all i'm ready to do. A few burpies, and high knee running on the spot for a minute or so. Then into the stretches

That beign said, i've been really bad at my morning regime. I'm guessing it's fairly common for us all to have a hard time with our stretching commitments.

And now for my moment of ...
@**#! knee!
(&*#&^$& shin splints!!
@*&%$* &%@#$*%&#*$ %&&&# (deep breath) @$#!! #%!@# HAMRSTING!!! DIE Hamstring DIE!!!

I'm on the verge of having to hand up the dobok for the season here if my injuries don't get better.

Oh. Ehn. Bee.