Hiya stretchy people,

I know theres a lot of people out there who don't need this kind of help with their stretching (the lucky ones who remember to stretch often and can do the splits every which way and sideways!) but I must say your were really low there Onb. You made me well jealous and determined to improve mine!!

I've just come back from teaching my class and am now going to settle in for the evening with my girlfriend so no time to re-warm-up and stretch etc so just dropped into the splits (I wish) to measure my progress. Should point out that while this forum/post has made me remember to stretch more than I ever would have before, unfortunately i've still been a bit lazy and only stretched on monday or tuesday (not sure which) Wednesday, Thursday, a bit on saturday and in my class today! Sorry guys.

Small progress tho which i'm pleased with so far.

Side Split - 31cm
Left Forward Front Split - 16cm
Right Forward Front Split - 16.5cm

I think my front would improve pretty easy but not worked on that too much, been focusing mostly on my side splits.

Got to go now you lot, I'll post a proper warmed up stretch asap!

Train hard and act as if you like it!