I've been meaning to post 'cuz I plan on working on the stretching thing too.

So, Here I am here me stretch - rrrrrrip! oops, who needed that hamstring?

I've been having a hard time remembering to do my measurements so... here they are... I just did the measurement here in my office cubicle 8am, un-warmed up, lookin' kinda goofy stretching

Side Split: 20"
Left front: 14"
Right front: 14"

Actually I was a little surprised. I thought I would be much less flexible than this.

As for my stretching routine:

Monday: Warm up, 30 min of various stretches before TKD class.
Tuesday: Dynamic stretches in PM
Wednesday: Same as Monday
Thrusday: Warm up & general stretches before Soccer
Friday: Drink beer
Saturday: Either Monday's routine or Dynamic stretches in AM if I dont' go to class
Sunday: sleep in.

By general stretches I mean static stretches of all major muscles with a focus on calfs, hamstrings, adductors, and buttocks. The dynamic stretches are the three main ones that Kurz talks about, front kick, side kick, back kick. And generally, I'm pretty lazy so... two sets of 10 probably.

Oh. Ehn. Bee.