Wow, I'm genuinely impressed by your results. Especially considering you only stretch once per day!! I took what you said on board about isometric stretching too often. What I shall do in light of what you said is continue on my routine as it is for the next 4 weeks, logging my progress and then for another 4 weeks adjust my routine as you suggest. Then see which works best for me. My suspicion is that you are right (I thought it seemed a lot when I first read it in the book) but I would first like to make sure. No insult intended by that by the way.

Tezza, pictures sounds like a good idea but at present I cannot get them on my pc cos my pc won't support the software that came with my mobile but I'm getting another pc soonish so should be able to do them eventually. Unless of course i get that elusive side split between two chairs in the meantime and then I might go to the trouble of sorting a pic out some other way!!!!!!

Just off to warm up and stretch now so that I can give some starting figures. I've been so busy I couldn't get to my computer for a few days and didn't want you lot to think I'd lost interest so that's why I've replyed first!
Train hard and act as if you like it!