Hi everyone,

I'm back now! Got more response than I thought, great! Like Tezza says "the more the merrier!"

My stretch routine is as follows:

MONDAY: AM - Dynamic stretches (leg swings 3x10 to front, side and rear)
PM - Isometric stretches (contracting and relaxing the stretching muscle until maximum stretch and then holding for 30 secs.) I use 3 sets each of two stretches for hams, quads and adductors (inside thigh) I also do my legs in the gym on this day as it follows my kickboxing class which was the day before

TUESDAY: AM - Dynamic stretches
PM - Relaxed Stretching (Normal strech comprising basically of just sliding into the stretch position and holding for 30 secs) I do 3 sets each of two different stretches for Hams, Quads and adductors.

WEDNESDAY: AM - Dynamic Stretches
PM - Relaxed stretches (the same as for Tuesday) I also do my class again today and some technique training.

THURSDAY: Same as Monday (including the leg workout)

FRIDAY: OFF (Nothing at all)

SATURDAY: AM - Dymamic Stretches
PM - Isometric Stretches (same as for Monday and Friday)

SUNDAY: OFF (although I do have to teach my class and warmup and stretch my students but it is a new fairly beginner class so nothing too heavy!)

My stretch routine is trying to follow Thomas Kurtz method which after reading I was quite impressed with. Although due to my set comittments such as teaching my classes etc it has taken some careful thought to arrange everything so that it fits within a week! I'm looking forward to reading everone elses routines to see how much variation there is. Also we will need some sort of universal measuring method to measure our progress. How about measuring from crotch to floor (clothed that is!)

Train hard and act as if you like it!