We did have a while back a post similar, that was to show the progress of MikeMartial when he tried Tom Kurz's technique.

I remember that post and I actually looked on it again yesterday before I posted this one to see if there was any new reply's etc. I was sad to see there wasn't as I had followed it with much interest! I've actually PM'd him about it, does anyone know if he still comes on here?
I'm really pleased you guys are in favour of it though!! Bad timing I guess tho cos I'm off to Spain for 5 days as of tonight but when I get back I promise to post my stretching routine (which incidentally is also using the Kurtz method) and we can all be stretch buddies!! I'm in it for the long hall, I think success breeds success, so when we start to reap the benefits of regular stretching there will be no stopping us!

Thanks all,

Train hard and act as if you like it!