Hi all,

I hope I'm not the only one of use out there who has this problem but this will really help to sort it out for someone!

I, like many other people who practice martial arts need to become more flexible. I'm currently in training for my 2nd Dan and two of the techniques require near side split flexibility. The only problem is, I cant do the splits to save my life! Its not that I'm not flexible, or aren't getting results from my stretching routine. Its that I probably would get the result I wanted if I just stuck to the schedule. I know that my 2nd dan should be motivation enough but it just seems such a long way off until I grade that I keep pushing it back in my mind! Stupid I know.

So my idea is to get a stretching buddy! Anybody in the world who wants to also become as flexible as possible but seems to lack the motivation to do so. We could post weekly results or something to each other on how we are doing and how many times we managed to stretch etc, maybe swap ideas and stuff too.

If this seems lame then please feel free to slay me but if even one of you lot out there wants too then it could the answer I'm looking for!


Train hard and act as if you like it!