The kata angle I am looking at.

I believe certain parts of ground grappling might have been recorded in dance. Why this was? Still looking in to it and getting the proof.

I believe the origins of ti to be related to pankration.

With the weapons that were available at that given time.

The weapons thing might be another contradiction of what is said to have been available at a given time

All things that need to be addressed before anything can be said to be certain.

But as I have stated the scant evidence I have to date tells me that Medulant is correct in his assumptions about grappling in karate.

Simple thing like one person ending up sitting on top of another wouldnt realy require making moves to get dominance. It could be the result of a trip? But the point is there are ways to get out that work and ways that might not work. I think that would have been placed in solo kata. Not just two man drills. Why didint anybody practice such drill that is known about?

Why do certain people in Okinawa make claims? Then another
goes the opposite direction and incorperates forms with the mechanics of ground work? Is he reworking what he knew to have existed

Well, here is what was stated by Hiroshi Kinjo in an interview,
"Many missunderstand karate do for physical education. Over the years many people have confused and mixed the original forms of martial arts".

Notice the term physical education , martial arts and forms?

Time will tell I suppose.


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