Zach, why would I possibly NEED to prove anything to anyone here? I like to discuss karate and give some insight into why I do what I do and train the way I train. I also like to share information with others. Why do you feel the need to obtain "proof" from me as to why I do what I do?

I don't know...why do you feel the need to convince us of your opinions about groundfighting in kata?

Don't turn this around as if me or anyone else is attacking you, I don't think anyone has done that.

If you don't care about it at all then don't post about groundfighting in kata. I have great respect for the way you train, I just think if you're going to post about things like groundfighting in kata that you should at least try to qualify it.

Again I don't think anyone has attacked you in any way, why the hostility?

Zach, here's the thing. Okinawan karate is a complete system. I have been training the principles for ground fighting from the beginning. And because I wrestled for 4 years and then got some submission wrestling training I was able to "see" them. Then I applied the principles of kata to fighting on the ground.
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