I guess the difference between the attitude of posts is his honesty of saying that he saw principles a different way in kata after he was trained in BJJ. ...as oppossed to giving the impression that the principles were learned from kata which were handed down untainted from master to master for centuries right to you.

one attitude is sharing honest perception and gives credit where it's due; the other tries too hard to legitimize anachronistic systems by gaining outside skill, and then attributing that awareness/skill to the traditional system, in the hopes of proving their point of "it was always there".

to take John's Micky-cloud analogy: you won't ever see a cloud in the shape of an art sculpture of which you have never seen before - but then spend the day in an art gallery and you won't be able to see anything else but cloud sculptures the next day when you look up.

did the cloud inspire you to see an art sculpure on it's own...or was it by having spent the day at an art gallery?

see what I mean?