An honest sincere long termtraditional Karateka with an open mind exploring new venues, adding new competencies, recognizing similar principles. He was able to doit without adjendas or misscrediting while respecting both traditions and embracing reality.

BOOM! There it is.

No oldman you got it wrong. This quote is obviously from someone who is trying to make money by claiming he had the principles and concepts all along. Can't you see his trick. M.J., B.S., E.M., and Fo' Sho' nuff put me on to the game. There are NO principles for ground fighting contained in the kata. Period. I just wanted to get this in before they tore BuDoc a new one. He really doesn't post here anymore, but I guess they missed this one. Oh, maybe he used the term crosstraining so its okay. Or maybe its something else, I really don't know. All I know is there is no way there were ever any concepts or principles for ground fighting in karate or kata. Right guys?
Dulaney Dojo