Well said Ed.

I don't imagine many folks read the thread in it's entirty, I mean befor it reared it ugly head again. I think the "money" post came from BuDoc...


Brian, the truth is that you probably won't find many.

I have been studying these principles for over twenty years, but have only been applying them to ground fighting for a little over two years!

Had I not been introduced to Gracie Jiu Jitsu, I might not be using the principles on the ground today.

Those of you that know me, know that I am a traditionalist. Sometimes I'm called a purist. Well, I'm also a realist.

Do I beleive Okinawan Karate to be complete? Yes I do. Do I beleive that BJJ players and wrestlers do ground fighting better than karateka? Absolutely!

There are many complete arts out there. There is also huge curriculums that take along time to learn or master that you don't always focus on everything, or only focus on the part that appeals to you.

You have to cross-train. In 2006, you just have to!

Closer to home. ALL doctors are trained to deliver babies and do sutures and remove an appendix. I do suturing every day, could deliver some babies if I have to, but trust me on this: You do not want me to take out your appendix! If everything was picture perfect and textbook, I might do a passable job. Any little thing were to go wrong, you'd probably die from what is considered by any surgeon to be the most simple procedure!

Until 2+ years ago, that was the same story with my ground fighting. Could I do it? sometime passably under the correct conditions. So I chose to specialize. Can I grapple today? Bet your a$$. And when shown to me in the right light, I had the concepts and principles all along, I just needed to apply them in a different direction.

An honest sincere long termtraditional Karateka with an open mind exploring new venues, adding new competencies, recognizing similar principles. He was able to doit without adjendas or misscrediting while respecting both traditions and embracing reality.

BOOM! There it is.