Ok, the following is a bodybuilding routine based on the pyramid concept of progressive resistance. To get the most from this, you will need to eat a protein rich diet, and get as much rest as possible. That doesnt mean slacking off from your MA, but it does mean those of you who are fond of daily push ups and burpees etc, will need to lay off the extra work to allow for recovery.

With each set listed, there will be a figure in brackets after the target reps. whatever the number this indicates the number of reps you percieve you could get if going to total fatigue ie. 1x8 (10) means getting 8 reps with a weight you could just manage 10 with if you had to. (F) stands for fatigue, or failure, and signifies an all out effort is required.
Official Notice: Warning! The following routine contains isolation exercises

dont panick, it will pass

This routine needs to be given at least 8 weeks to see any results, and also to get used to the kind of training involved.

Monday Chest, shoulders and triceps.

Flat Bench press 1x12(15),1x8-10(f),1x6-8(f),2x4-6(f)
Incline Flye 5x8-10(f)

Shoulder Press 1x12(15),1x8-10(f),1x6-8(f),1x4-6(f)
lateral raise 4x10-12(f)

french press/tricep pushdown 5x8-10

Wednesday Legs and abs

Squat 1x12(15),1x8-10(f),1x6-8(f),2x4-6(f)
Alternating Weighted Lunges 5x10-12(f)

Weighted crunches 5x10-12(f)

Friday lats, traps, and biceps

Seated/t-bar/bent over row 1x10-12(15),1x8-10(f),1x6-8(f), 2x(4-6)(f)
Rear delt raises 5x8-10(f)

Shrugs 1x10-12(15),1x8-10(f),1x6-8(f),1x4-6(f)

EZ curls 5x8-10(f)

thats it. Yes it is a lot. Yes you will feel sore the day after.
The trick is intensity. the highest volume is on monday: 23 sets total. 90 seconds rest between sets. Your longest workout will be 52 mins max. Hit it hard, rest well and eat big clean meals.

If you go for it, accept that the next 8 weeks will make you ache, that you will dread leg day more than you dread the dentist, and that you will be so bored of tuna based meals you could scream. Welcome to pyramid mass building

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