to me bruce lee was expanding his ideas all the time and those who knew him comment that everytime they saw him he was thinking and doing something different he regreted the day he coined the word jkd but he had to put a name to his movements and at the time wanted to make his own way .

if bruce lee was still with us i feel that down the years he woould have continued to shake off the name jkd and if was to coin another name would we be following that ? also if he was to say that jkd is outdated and that he has other ideas
but has no name for it would we have been waiting eager to hear what that name was so we could get started ?

im just scratching the surface on what i personaly think about jkd and what it is.if you want to train that way and get something out of it and find it works for you in the real world then good luck .

jase .

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if only we could strike with the eyes - from the thought to the fist how much time is lost ?