JKD is what ever works and scores. Being bound by nothing. Using universal principles. It is simple, direct and non-classical embodied by the 5 ways of attack.

I am part of several JKD forums and usually when this question come up, so does all the BS. I am impressed nobody is having 50 fits yet...lol

I have trained in JKD for some time, but what I do, I do NOT call JKD. That's what Bruce Lee called what he does. I use the JKD term so people can understand what I am talking about and where it comes from, as do most former Bruce Lee students. I have had the pleasure of training with and talking to several former Bruce lee students and most of them use the term JKD instead of saying, "Using the universal principles and strategies that Bruce Lee used". Bruce himself admits there is "nothing new under the sun" and he didnt invent anything new. He just brought what works for 'him' together. Jack Dempsey's 'Falling step', principles from 'Fencing', WC, A lot of Muhammad Ali's 'body conditioning' Philosophy from Musashi and other great warriors....the list goes on.

As I read the other posts that were posted I agree with Bruce, "there is nothing new under the sun" (including my post)...lol And if one wants they can check-out other JKD or MA sights and find threads exactly like this one.

There are a few distinct features to JKD, but I am not getting into that here. That is up to the individual to find for themselves....(that's probably the closest thing to JKD that I said here so far)...lol

"You will fight the way you train"!