Hello All,

I hope that everyone is well. I am new to these forums and I hope to gain and give insight to all that I write to. I think that all the answers that I have read thus far regarding Jeet Kune Do are quite good. Thanks to all for their input. I read on Jerry Poteet's(original Bruce Lee student)that Jeet Kune Do meant The Way of the Intercepting Fist. Mr. Poteet siad that it did not mean The Way of the Ecclectic fist, or The Way of finding your Way. It meant just what the Chinese Language means: The Way of the intercepting Fist. Personally, I can understand why Bruce Lee liked this technique so much because it is an offensive/defensive defence method that is more efficient than other methods of defence eg. Blocking, parrying etc. Those moves are less effecient. I know that he borrowed this method from Wing Chun and Western fencing. What are all of your thoughts on this?