To continue my point:

So, I was a happy lil camper and training away with whom I felt (and feel) was one of the foremost experts on Bruce Lee's art. Then one day, one of my training partners told me he was training in Jiu Jitsu (Japanese not Brazilian). When I asked him why (as I felt he was getting the best possible instruction on fighting there was) his response to me was that he wanted to learn something different that might help him in a grappling type situation, as we of that in class. I was stunned to be honest with you. Then he said "You should keep your mind open, cause you never know what you might find" Then he told me "you have a lot of potential to go beyond what you have been taught here. Sure, you will probably learn a TON of what Bruce Lee actually taught, maybe more than anyone else outside of Bruce's own students, but that's it, and trust me, there is always something else you can learn"

I had prided myself on being open-minded up until this point, so it shocked me to hear that I wasn't being that way now. So, I kept his prophetic words in my memory and book-marked it. Then, a funny thing happend. I saw a "Karate" magazine with a caption on the front that read "Tony Blauer eats up grapplers and spits out the bones" That really really had my attention since the UFC was now really beginning to catch on fire.

The article was written by Steve Neklia, a well-known martial arts journalist who has trained with some of the greatest legends in the martial arts, to include Larry Hartsell and Rickson Gracie. Well, old Steve could do nothing but sing the highest praises for Tony and the things Tony was saying in the article blew me away and made me realize that I was missing something, but what?

In the same magazine, Tony had an ad for some of his videos, an audio tape, his street-fighting guides, and a t-shirt, all for a small price. I bought the package deal and when it arrived, I was completely stunned by what I saw.

After watching the first video, I actually asked myself "what have I been doing all this time?" From that point on, I became a huge fan of Tony's and thoroughly studied anything I could that he taught. I even called him a few times and got him to discuss a lot of things with me about training.

If you ask me, Tony Blauer is doing what Bruce Lee would have done had he lived, simply put. Tony and I have had many conversations about this topic and I agree with him 100%. He said "Do you think if Bruce Lee came back right now and saw all this argueing and political BS going on over his art, that he would be happy?" Of course not. He also told me that I was one of the very few JKD practitioners that embraced him, and that he was "black-balled" by the JKD community at large. When I asked him why since "You teach what works, isn't that what JKD is supposed to be all about?" Tony's reply to me was "It's about MONEY". The light switch came on.