Some people said that Bruce Lee regretted forming it into a seperate stlye, because it would contradict exactly what Bruce was trying to show.

And Bruce's concept, was by no means new. It had been around, and is still around now days. He just modernized it, and also introduced it to the west. He was an avid practicioner of various forms of tradional martial arts. He was just one of those guys who saw the restrictions of the culture, mysticism, etc. as ridiculous. As do I. He tried to bring something real, and useful, out of things that were otherwise succumbing to legend, myth, mysticism, lack of application (actual fighting), years of isolation, etc. I am of course speaking of kung fu.This is something I try and do too.

I am tired of people thinking they are going to be, or fight like Bruce if they join a JKD gym. In fact, I think people would be better off starting their own martial art journey, learning for themselves what is out there, and how to mold the spirit/body out of it.

ANd to the above poster, Bruce had no real experience with any of those arts. Save WC, Boxing, and maybe some Jujitsu. But other than that, it was very limited in his exposure. What he did was take the core principles that are inherent to almost all forms of CMA (such as whole body power, fajin, etc.), and just let it become a part of him. As do I, but he by no means was adept in all those arts.

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