Youíre confusing JKD with a product and not the process that it is.
...You DO understand the JKD philosophy, correct? Judging by your posts, you donít have a true grasp of the matter.
...That has absolutely nothing to do with the point of what is JKD.

Okay that is enough. I did not log on here to get into some argument with people about what this is. I do indeed have a perfect grasp of what matters I know of and I certainly do not need permission from the likes of you or anyone else when it comes to it. This whole posting is really unproductive and quite frankly the whole thing is old news to me and the whole concept of this being a debate is not on my level. I shall just leave y'all alone. While you're busy passing these ideas back and forth, arguing about them, and living all sorts of mental stress over the issue I'll be at the lake fishing. Good night.

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