Iv arrived a bit late in this discussion guys but I would like to add that my approach to JKD is as simple as its concept.Like my signature says,I train something until its natural,as in I feels completely comfortable using it at work,concentrating on how im standing ie every position and being able to punch/kick,from them.This is my only physical focus,what works for me to defend myself and others.I never cloud my mind with any procedure or formats.The only thing that comes close is Bruces kicking drill from his Atlanta seminar(I beleive).Open to everything that might work on the street but closed to nothing that may improve me spiritually,this is MY approach to JKD,not unique but often ignored.Like a stament earlier in the thread,if you carry on a discussion about the best methods and procedures for long enough then the said topic suddenly does become a style.To aquire knowledge then to self analyze/criticise so u need no 'Teacher' only inspiration.This is how I learn and this is what I teach. Anywhoo Il stop talkin now cos iv prob repeated everything thats been said already. Cheers guys!
Train til its natural baby!!