The same training methods may be employed with pretty much any martial arts system, but to say you "employ" JKD with another system like karate or jujitsu is not entirely correct since the essence of what it is at that point in time is redefined from the tactical system of JKD to the developmental process of JKD.

What exactly is the difference, in your opinion, between the tactical system of JKD and the developmental process of JKD?


The "tactical" system of jeet kune do is the root system itself, which employs its own techniques and uses them in a tactical manner against various types of unarmed attacks. The key focus in the execution of attacks is simplification and effectiveness within one to three movements. Indeed, the word "tactical" in context was simply an adjective. Perhaps a better word would be "unique" - the "unique" system of jeet kune do. This is the system Bruce Lee himself practiced.

The tactics of jeet kune do stress simplicity in the number of techniques practiced, direct economy of movement, and development of specific attributes rather than the development of attributes within the confines of a kata (or whichever word is used to describe that). There are also other tactics used in practice that characterize the system such as the five ways of attack: single direct attack, attack by combination, attack by drawing, progressive indirect attack, and hand immobilization attack.

The developmental process is the process of training used in the classroom or personal training environment. This is the development of the individual. The developmental process is the development of the tools and the physical conditioning used in the training.

After the basic tools are learned, the practitioner does move to a stage of expanding horizons, where other things are learned such as complex trapping hands, high kicks, more grappling, and even movements from other systems. It is important, however, to remember these other styles may be used in the process of learning, but they do not become jeet kune do just because you choose to practice with them. Things like Muay Thai and Escrima are great in their own right, but it is not proper to place Bruce Lee's name on their practice or lineage. He had nothing to do with their development. Subsequently, they are not JKD. To place the brand name "JKD" on numerous martial arts actually cheapens their worth, like putting the McDonalds name on mass-produced hamburgers. Many burgers may be out there, but none quite come close to the original.

In summary there is a difference between "jeet kune do" and "using no way as a way and having no limitation as a limitation".
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