Having said all that about the training process, jeet kune do is still its own system.

Thus a "style"?


The same training methods may be employed with pretty much any martial arts system, but to say you "employ" JKD with another system like karate or jujitsu is not entirely correct since the essence of what it is at that point in time is redefined from the tactical system of JKD to the developmental process of JKD.

What exactly is the difference, in your opinion, between the tactical system of JKD and the developmental process of JKD?


By the same token, mixed martial arts is not JKD.

Why not?


If you read those volumes compiled by John Little, there is a memo handwritten by Bruce Lee explaining to one of his students that mixing martial arts together is not the same is the simplifying and re-simplifying process of jeet kune do. It even has an algebraic equation on the page describing it.

I agree that mixing arts together isn't necessarily JKD. Thats akin to cross-training. Of course that isn't MMA either, imo. This is awfully close to being an argument about semantics. There IS however the approach of cross-training and, the training of MMA and in my opinion, JKD.

However, we're really talking more about HOW those arts are practiced than the arts themselves. I don't BELIEVE in "style" or art per se. Any mention of fighting arts being different from each other is really nothing but an illusion. It all comes down to how you train.

So long as you aren't cross-training, how is JKD any different from anything else?


For example, these days I personally practice a contorted system of defensive tactics used by police, security, and military personnel that uses tools such as compliance holds, basic grappling holds, handcuffing, and weapons, but no striking. This is supplemented by footwork similar to what I practiced in jeet kune do, trapping hands from Wing Chun, grappling methods from jujitsu courses I've taken, but still retains the development of scientific attributes from JKD. I suppose this would constitute a mixed martial arts system, but it is no longer jeet kune do.

Why is it any different than jeet kune do?