I just wanted to say to everyone on this topic so far that I really respect everyone's knowledge and opinions about JKD. Also I was surprised with the link from wikipedia, they were pretty Thorough with their information on JKD. I don't know why, but I really enjoyed reading what everyone had to say. As for the whole Bruce topic I think its kinda important to know a little about him and how he came up with JKD, cause I feel it gives you a little better understanding of JKD. But, yea Bruce is gone, thank him for JKD, and move on.


Contrary to that though, is that Lee never really mastered any particular art and could well have missed some great revelations in his studies. I would imagine that if he studied with Yip Man in WC, he could have gleened enough of it to not need all of the boxing, grappling, fencing, etc. etc. that he incorporated into JKD.

I've read something like this before a number of times. Um, if he didnt master it, he didnt master it. Maybe he missed out maybe he didnt. Either way he did what he did. As for you putting that you think he wouldn't need to incorporate boxing, grappling, ect., errr I respect your opinion but strongly disagree with that view. I could argue this point, but I really dont feel like doing this at this point and time. I'll leave it to someone else. I've posted enough for now.