Jeet Kune Do will continually grow and grow, because it follow's Bruce Lee's philosophy of, "taking in what is useful". As time passes by, more and more fighting techniques will arise, and those who deem it useful will use it.

It is a style, while not being a style (if you understand that).

" * A martial artist who drills exclusively to a set pattern of combat is losing his freedom. He is actually becoming a slave to a choice pattern and feels that the pattern is the real thing. It leads to stagnation because the way of combat is never based on personal choice and fancies, but constantly changes from moment to moment, and the disappointed combatant will soon find out that his "choice routine" lacks pliability. There must be a "being" instead of a "doing" in training. One must be free. Instead of complexity of form, there should be simplicity of expression."

Take that quote seriously, because that is what it is all about.
The only thing a belt is good for is to hold your pants up