I posted to Wikipedia link simply to provide a starting point. Some of it was right on and other bits of it I am undecided on. I wanted to provide my OWN opinion of what JKD "is" as this thread continued.

It could be said that simplicity is at the heart of what JKD is about. JKD thus could "simply" be defined as the quest for "truth in combat". But does it end there? SHOULD it end there? I definitely believe it is the starting point when searching for the meaning of JKD.

Using simplicity (and decrease) we can say that the most important principles of JKD are:

  • Simplicity (and daily decrease)
  • Aliveness (along with progressive resistance and variable intensity)
  • Adaptability (developing ability over the three ranges of stand-up, clinch and ground fighting)

I believe that those three principles contain EVERY core elemental concept necessary for the personal discovery of JKD (which includes developing and maximizing fighting skill and, personal transformation).

People can argue over semantics and the like. Ultimately however, JKD is about being able to fight and is NOT about politics.

By the way, I titled this thread, What IS JKD, NOT to provide "the answer". I have MY answer, but I'm also curious to hear the opinions of everyone else. Hopefully this will be an enlightening thread.