The two-finger push-up (zen) is simply doing push-ups on two fingers on both hands, hence the name obviously. Now the other day my friend brought it up and thought it was nearly impossible, and argued with me that I couldn't do it. Well has soon as I did a couple he called it a cheap party trick. Now I tried to defend the finger tip push-ups to him, but unfortunately he is very hard headed. Getting off that little argument though, I was just wondering who else thinks that finger tip push-ups "in general" are just, "a cheap party trick." As in who thinks itís useless. Now before anyone jumps to conclusion let me defend my reason why I donít think this skill is

To start off, finger tip push-ups generally strengthen the fingers altogether. This prevents injury and also strengthening of the hand. Now through finger tip push-ups I have observed a couple of changes in my hand.
Before I started performing finger tip push-ups the only tough part of my hand were only my knuckles. But now, the overall hand is tight and hardened because of the tight muscles that I developed through this training.
Even my punches feel different, and I mean that in a good way.

I think thatís good enough detail for now, I donít wanna bore ya. Going on though, I'd love to hear some of your opinions on this. Also, if anyone else can perform a 2 finger tip push-up, feel free to put some input on this.
Btw, I dont think it is really essential tool for everyone to know, but it does obviously have its advantages.