The motivation has to come from you and not what anybody says. Right now you have one part of you telling you to do it and another not to do it ... you have to choose for yourself who you will listen to.

First ask yourself the reasons why you don't want to work out and write them down. Then ask yourself the reasons why you want to workout and write them down. Look at the list and decide which rings more true. Then ask yourself if there are ways to change your perception of why you don't want to work out. Is it because it is not fun? If so then find things to make it more exciting. Is it because it is hard? You had better believe it and why only a small percentage does it ... now do you want to be one of these people or like the general masses? Get yourself on a schedule and live by it. Give it an honest go for a month and then see if those reasons have changed or not.

We all get into slumps or find reasons not to work out but we find within ourselves reasons to do it. Sometimes I have to haul my butt to do it even when I feel like laying around on the couch. Some times I'm happy I worked out and other times I'm not ... but I'd be even more unhappy if I gave it up all together. It is a part of me and something I don't want to let go. I've worked this hard to get where I am and I've put in a lot of time ... these are some of the things that motivate me.

Find that "something" that will make you want to work out. I wish you the best.