hey guys, heres my new work out, tell me what you think

Neider upright press
underhand barbell push out
punching dumbbell
front shoulder lift
Flat dumbbell bench press

4-100m sprint
4-100m lunge jump
2x50 or 100 squat jumps
shadowbox 15min or 30 min
speed drill 4-30sec, 2 with gloves, 2 bare hand
then my ab workout
focus mitts and spar

Full Contact twist
overhand barbell push (I hate this one)
punching dumbbell
side shoulder life
dumbbell fly

Same as tues

Neider upright press
Full contact twist
Bicep curls
front/side shoulder life
good mornings
punching dumbbell
dumbbell press or fly (depends on which one I feel like)

I really have no set weight, If I can go heavy I will, if I am still sore or tired I will do light, I really try to listen to my body. What do you think. I can not do a weight leg work out, cause of an old injury, but my doctor said that the tues, thurs is ok for my to do.