Granted. Just for the purpose of this thread in Okinawa there were several cases or stories of Karateka or future Masters killing with their h2h art. Yabu killed a solider, A wrestler was kicked and killed by a well known Karateka whose name escapes me, (who died early from appendicydist, I beleive) Oyama (probably in Japan or Korea) killed a sailor defending himself, its rumoured.

So the peaceful resolution of that your Karate is greatest if you live longer, maybe is just an old man's thought in hindsight. The Practice of Karate in itself will make you fit for a longer life, compare to inactivity, but it also brings you through the trenches when it has to.

One strike, one kill, is just a theory with scattered facts.
I train it, but I don't practice it, the human body in motion is too unpredictable to be captured in a test tube.

Each strike could, but if it doesn't the next move will and so on and so on. That is what Granteeds you get old, and then think ain't karate Great.

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