Good Morning:

Many Okinawan karate kata have been transported across the globe in many different forms, emphasis and "flavors". Whether those movement patterns have been kept intact or have been mutated beyond recognition... or something between the two is always an interesting question. If, if the art you practice either acknowledges an Okinawan influence, or has a direct time-line to "Okinawan relatives" (ie Okinawan Kata) somewhere in the recent past... does your practice maintain any of the following Okinawan kata in some variation/form?

Seisan aka Hangetsu
Seiuchin aka Tekki
Sanchin (A "breathing" form)
Tensho (A different "breathing" form)

If you DO possess any of these forms, what are they called??? (Note: I am truly interested in direct Okinawan arts to Korean direct transfers. But acknowledge transfers from the Japanese variations of the original Okinawan kata are likely more common. As such massively problematic re: WW2 and 5 decades since many initial exposures) Several hopefully connected question. My apologies for not being more concise...