Definitely don't use any chemicals as this will just change the property and make it more difficult. Have you tried a blow drier? Possibly by re-heating it up you may be able to pull it away.

When I was cabinet maker, when we refinished counter tops we would use irons to heat the counter top thus melting the glue underneath allowing us to pull it off. I'm not saying use an iron but the heat from a blow drier "may" release the bond between them allowing you to "slowly" pull it away without doing any major damage.

And in the autobody industry they use the same principal to remove decals and stuff.

Just a thought.

uhoh on the chemicles part... I used pretty much ever cleaner I have on one "small" portion of a mat.

Anyway when it comes to chemicals a member told me that a thing called "goo gone" works and that house keeping staff at a hotel swear by it.

Can you guys tell me if you think the "chemicals" in this product can ruin the mats?

the url is


I wouldn't know what to look for as "bad chemicals"

And the whole idea of having students clean my mats would be great, if I had any students

I have actually been down on my hands and knees for hours picking the stuff off and am making very slow progress.

If I get your ok then I guess I will buy goo gone

thanks a lot to all of those who replied
YAY pepto bismol! No... not... kryptonite