Buddha palm is obtained by monks and lonely single guys w/ internet access...its a sticky subject

But really, Ba Gua palm strikes can be controlled push or a "shocking", that is designed to transfer strike energy deeper...bone or organ level.

Yes this next can be validated, not pushing Jet Li, but I believe that the character he plays in Fearless (who is historically documented and quite dead) gave a demonstration of his abilities per Russian "request", as it went a stadium was full, he requested a large horse brought and used this type of 'Shocking" Palm strike to the side of the horses neck,

Horse collapsed dead...he then asked the russians to examine..no hematoma or muscular damage as dissection noted...no vessel damage...OH the spinal bones were pulverized...thats your Buddha palm in action, Ba Gua and Tai Chi prob best bet to learn technique...in 30yrs or so

-Karl. Peace.
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