I know this post is a little on the old side but I thought I'd share my story as well. I've had two kids and trained all the way through until my 8th month. With my son my doctor was a little unsure simply because he never had a martial artist asa patient. He told me to just be cautious and don't go hog wild, no sparring and take frequent breaks so my body temp wouldn't get too high. With my daughter he was a little more relaxed and said that I knew my body best (after all it was mine for 25 years at that point) and to be careful. He urged me to stop two weeks before my due date. Both my kids are happy and healthy. My doctor also said that I did better than most first time moms in the delivery room because I was in excellent condition (my son was born in 45 minutes when the average first time delivery is 1 1/2 hours). My daughter was born in 20 minutes. Again because I was training hard before I got pregnant with her and trained as hard as I could during pregnancy. Talk with your doc first and if they are ok with it then go ahead and train away!!!
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