Interesting, but not surprising. What is missing, is the data on "striking against joints", etc. where most defensive techniques are structured.


"The study was done on amateures and pro's, not much of a diffrence in punching power, although alot of difference in terms of stamina ( makes sense).

Force dynamics are determined by mass and acceleration, not so much the amount of training involved, although the black belts and professional boxers punches should be measurably quicker just from "muscle memory".

Where this was quoted in a different thread, I pointed out that the results you get in "calculated" responses depend on whose numbers you use, so the SAE numbers might be slightly different from another test group's numbers who structured their tests differently.

Benjamin Disraeli said "there are lies, damned lies, and statistics", but he should have said "there are lies, damned lies, and statistics saying anything you want them to". Statistical data is structured to make cases for different opinions, so "selective memory" is often a characteristic of the statistical data. These appear to be "raw data", but generally applicable to direct hits on cadavers. I wonder how many of them were holding their breath when they got hit?.. .. a little more insight about "relax" rather than "resist" and exhale before you get hit...

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