hey al guys..im filipino and its really nice to see a forum like this..but to get to the point, me and my dad always joke about fighting and ma and so on...we occasionally spar and he brought up the idea that the next time we go back to philippines that on his side of the family he would take me to afew of the boxing clubs he used to train at in his younger days and on my mums side id be taken to the yaw yan and other kick boxing clubs to fight there and train aswell...im really excited at the prospect, just that from what ive heard from my dad and my uncles that the other fighters there are really aggressive..ive been training for 5 years regularly but from some of the yaw yan videos ive seen they actually do look really agressive and though i train in full contact and sparr atleast once a week, im kinda worried about being over whelmed from the get go..i thought of pacing the fight in my way and tying them up or clinching and letting them run out of steam through thier agression but im stil alittle iffy on the matter, none the less im really excited but these facts or umours still have me a bit startled so im asking if you guys have any experience fighting really agressive opponents and also if you think traits such as agression can bestereotyped to a specific ethnicity on how and where they train...thanks
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