Encouraging interesting debate, here are some ideas for Karate subject topics... either add to this list, or start a new conversation thread in your area of interest:

* Training methods for better tai sabaki (body shifting).

* Old vs. New training methods.

* History of To'on Ryu

* How does learning Karate history help technique?

* Plain clothed and outdoor training benefits.

* Impact Training

* Stand-up grappling/clinch.

* Influences in your style:
How much Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan influence does your style have? what are the characteristics? what are the benefits?

* Filipino Arts in Karate.

* Principles of defending an incomming attack from the side.

* Deflecting vs. hard blocking

* Kicks above the waist. risky or effective?

* Spear hand attacking.

* Targets sure to drop someone.

* Militarism in the dojo: line drills, counting, rank heirarchy, salutations, etc

* Steppin IN on an attack.

* Simultaneous strike and sweep.

* Faking, Feins and False starts to confuse timing.