In this thread, feel free to share any weird dreams that you might've had recently or at any time.

This one I had last night and it was interesting probably because there might have been many symbols in it...

I was sitting on a couch in some living room. It wasn't mine. The whole room felt like it was in motion, it felt exactly like I was riding a train, but if I looked out of the window, I wasn't going anywhere. I was reading a book, but I wasn't. I subliminally knew that I was reading a book or something, it was weird. I listened to myself narrate what was going on in my actual life in the form of a book.
While listening to that, I fooled around with the seatbelt. The seatbelt was a buckle that you lifted the mouth up and you could slide it right off. But it had the metal stick of an actual pant's belt. So I fiddled around with the stick in the belt and the different holes I was putting it through turned out to be guitar frets(?). You know, those different sections of the guitar neck. Every once in a while, the train would go into a freefall feeling and I would fly into the air, and if I didn't have my belt in a hole by then, I would fly up and bash my head against the ceiling.

"All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff."