Just downloaded this yesterday as we needed it to get home and this is fairly accurate. Couldn't zoom as close as some areas where we were but pretty darn good.

A truck coming into the Fort decided to ignore all of the warning sensor lights for too high of a load plus the signs and drove past the turn around area. Clipped the first bridge which is a walking bridge and continued on and tore the front part of the next bridge bringing down concrete. This is our main entry into the Fort and what took 12 to 15 minutes to get home now takes an 1 as we have to drive around to get across the bridge. Did this yesterday and then again this morning to get to work and rumor is the bridges structure is pretty bad and could be a 2 weeks to a month before repaired. This puts 10,000's of people out and this will cost big time. Needed Google Earth so we could find the shortest way to get home through back roads. Does eat up a lot of memory though.