CTX- My teacher hasn't added or amended any of the kata in my dojo, he has only taught what was taught to him. I don't think that this is a case of a different name for the kata, or that the kata were amended in any way since the kata are very unique from any other kata I have seen.

Ed Morris- Thats an interesting idea, but these kata are as long or longer than Gekisai Ichi, and Hente-do/Do-Butsusan are brown/black belt katas, and contain upper level techniques.

Neko- I have known for years now that my forms are not traditional Goju kata, it's just that now I'm trying to find the roots of my system and my kata. My instructor has been teaching for about 25 years now in this style. He spent a short time in an Aikido and a TKD school, but found his calling at the Goju school led by Mr. Trombly. It was there that he learned these kata. And of course the training is beneficial. I have visited other dojos in my area, even a Goju dojo, and was unsatisfied with the level of discipline and instruction. I have never doubted my system.
Now the shugyo begins!