I've seen a few times that instructors choose to take a segment from a kata (perhaps of the same curriculum, perhaps not) and practice it as it's own drill...they may even choose to name it.

In fact, the Goju dojo I started in, had what the sensei called 'nafuken' (sp?) series (not sure what that translates to, or if it even makes sense) with 5 parts. all 5 were taught to white-belts as a preliminary Gekisai study. all 5 parts had a "+" embusen. block-strike-turn / block-strike-turn / etc. It was not part of the curriculum for test past 10th kyu.

here's what they were (as I remember)
sanchin dachi - upper block, upper punch

zenkutsu dachi - mid block, mid punch

shiko dachi - down block, down strike

sanchin dachi - knife hand block, shuto strike

neko ashi dachi - open hand parry, closed hand punch.