It seems you're undergoing what I might call non-standard training from your instructor, as compared to standard Goju curricula. Just as there are variant versions of Goju kata between different groups and schools, various groups may have incorporated other sorts of training.

Assuming that you're not having a variant spelling of the standard Goju kata, I would say you're instructor's training is drawing on instruction outside of Miyagi Chojun's teachings.

If that is the case you may find no one using the same material, except for those in the same direct transmission.

The standard Goju curricula is readily available almost anyplace on line. John Sells books Unante (I and II) define all the kata he's been aware of, and I don't recall these names in his encyclopedic (yet still not perfect) reference. Nor from Hiagonna Morio's books, nor from John Bishop's or George Alexanders writings on Okinawa.

Of course this doesn't mean your instruction is not true and worthy. It's just you are unlikely to find much about these forms in normal places.

One if you ever get any copies of them on mepg files or on video tape I'm willing to distribute them to select Goju practioners across the world to see if they know anything of them.

There are traditions that have kept private (such as Ryuei-ryu's or Motobu-ryu's previous traditions) and hence are relatively unknown.

For the record I do live in New Hampshire, so I'm in your neck of the woods, but I haven't heard of your instructor.
Just a fact, not with any meaning beyond the statement.

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