Thanks for the tips.

Ok, Ill start with the lineage of my school. I am studying under Sensei Van Norden. His teacher was a Mr. Trombly in Ft. Worth, TX. Mr. Trombly supposedly studied under master Master Seikichi Toguchi, who was one of Master Miyagi's students. My Sensei believes that maybe Mr. Trombly only studied under Master Toguchi for a short time. This may be true since we study Sanchin, Gekisai Ichi-Ni, Saifa, and Seiyunchin. I doubt that Mr. Trombly made up the kata I am trying to research. Those kata are very well detailed and flow smoothly. I believe that all of the names are in Japanese.
I will give a brief explanation of the kata.
-It starts off going into a shikodachi then does a series of 3 steps forward with a spearhand following each step. 2 downblocks back left turn mantis block followed by a sidekick. do the same on the other side. step forward front snap sidesnap. it ends with cat stances. The kata uses open hand blocks.

-Starts off with an x block then front snap chop front snap chop.

-Steps into shikodachi with double down block, then backfist 3 punches. same on the other side.

-Hard to describe but you have to step back down block step in spearhand step back double palm, grab and sweep.

-Way of the three animals, the tiger snake and crane.
-Starts off stepping back in a crane stance front snap and then doing a double openhand down block while moving back in the crane stance.

Harlan-Ive talked a lot with my teacher about these kata, but he's not sure where they came from either. They seem pretty classical. I believe they might be Chinese, theres a chance.

Ronin-I believe theyre all Japanese names. They are all empty handed. You might be right about the dialect. And we don't have any affiliation with any Okinawan/Japanese organization, but like I said Mr. Trombly supposedly studied under Master Toguchi.

CXT-My Sensei doesn't know any more than I do about the history of these kata.

Ill try and post a video of the kata when I get the time.

Thanks for the help!
Now the shugyo begins!