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I got this idea from *ahem* another forum, but it's still a good one. Let's see if we can compile a list of videos that display various martial arts. Videos should be art specific (ie; "Shotokan" instead of just "karate", "Hung Gar" instead of "kung fu", etc.) - and the more specific, the better (ie; Chen style Tai Chi, Yang style Tai Chi, etc). Videos should be good quality and preferably not from the movies.

ABSOLUTELY NO JOKE POSTINGS - they will be deleted immediately. This thread will be strictly moderated, serious posts ONLY.

Please do not link to sites selling videos, either. We are looking for videos to watch here on the forum, not to order.

There are a lot of video links here on this forum already, so search and link what you can find. Let's see what we can get. Thanks!

PS - Please PM me or one of the moderators if you find a dead link.
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