Ok. I thought I had posted this before here, but I can't find it. Here is my current workout regimen for you all to pick apart:

MONDAY - (all weights medium)

6 minute jumprope warmup, with a 1 minute break, then:

1 set cable pulldowns
1 set squats
1 set machine flies
1 set standing barbell curls (I know, I know, it's for the ladies! )
1 set miltary press/squat on the downstroke
1 set power cleans
1 set barbell rows
1 set deadlift

1 minute jump rope in between each set with no rest, and 2 minute jump rope at the end. Cooldown with 8-10 minute Pilates routine for core strength and flexability.


Groundfighting class. I usually do some warmup before class which may be either 2 or 3x3 minute rounds of jump rope or 1 set (25) Hindu pushups followed by 1 set (50) Hindu squats or 3x3 minute rounds on the bag. Light vomiting after class.


same as Monday


5x3 minute (or 3x5 minute) rounds heavybag or bicycle (approx. 35 minutes of hilly-hell Pennsylvania) weather depending, followed by Pilates cooldown. Gross over eating at a restaurant before or after workout likely.


Not a damn thing.


Whatever I feel like. Usually something, but not too much. Often bag work/jump rope/Pilates/bicycle (not all). Over eating in there somewhere as well.
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