Thanks Dauragon c mikado and taison

for the feed back and response.It's a fact that things are bit overhyped in the Yaw-Yan websites.Yaw Yan has been dominating the Kickboxing scene in Philippines for a long time and their fighters are known for defeating a number of other martial arts stylists.This might be the reason why they claims their art to be one of the best.They define Yaw-Yan as arnis without kicks and I remeber reading some where like Yaw-yan fighters are taught to use their arms and foots as arnis sticks and they are heavily conditioned for it.

I was lucky to see some videos of yaw-yan versus yawyan competition which is held in 2002.Even if it's kick boxing match ,the fighters can even attack the fallen down opponent and they are even using knees and elbows on the ground

Yaw-Yan has also got a street fighting style and they are calling it as Yaw-Yan combat.