Go read, It was the third style, I think, I wrote about in the kickboxing style thread.

It's a good art but sometimes Dr. Nap tries to put too much "hokus-pokus" into it. I mean, a kick is a kick, no matter how you perform it, it's a kick, right? Well, he says stuff like some of his techniques are 100% better than other arts when, a kick is a kick.

After watching the videos, I have to be honest. The "boxers" do seem a little sloppy and unbalanced. It may be because, they are quite new to the art of fighting within the ring, as they seem to be constantly "parted" by the referee and the tempo of the match is just too fast for both boxers. I think maybe in another 3 years, Yaw-yan may become the deadly art it strives to be.

-Taison out

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