im helping this guy out with this site called BoxingFreaks
right now its just a temp forum but there will be a main site along with an improved forum opening this week.The main site will feature streaming fights from boxing,mma,and wrestling wich will also be available for download ,and every pay per view is garanteed to be on the website within 2 hours after the broadcast ends.
The owner of the site will also be raffling off an autographed pair of boxing gloves signed by the klitschko brothers as well as an autographes photo of marvelous marvin haglers,wrestling dvds and mixed martial arts memoribilia in the future once the official site opens.
the link is [ Deleted by Taison. . Haha, OWNAGE! ! ]
you have to join in order to access the download sections but its worth it.there seriously hundreds of fights to download from boxing to wrestling to all mixed martial arts. check it out and let your friends know or anyone who you think has good knowledge of boxing,mma, or wrestling

And you deserve the final type of punishment for posting like this
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