I'd just like to add that although useful, I wouldn't consider Patrick McCarthy's HAPV list as the best source.

Why? he quoted no studies for his list.
He states he has partially reverse engineered his list from kata movements. This can be deceiving as you may think a move is designed for a specific attack when in actuality it is useful against a broad range of attacks. This means it's open to an individuals biased interpretation.

Shoshinkan is quoting statistics from a British Home Office Study. I saw no reference on McCarthy's site to any recent studies providing statistics. To quote his HAPV article directly:

"During my study I gradually modified the classical empty-handed attack scenarios to best exemplify those acts of physical violence commonly found in today’s western society, and fortified the experience by developing many variations on these common themes."


"Challenging myth and tradition, I used eclecticism and critical thinking, as immutable devices in deciphering the time-honoured enigma called kata."

Now, I'm not criticizing his efforts to move kata / bunkai study forward. In fact, I admire and applaud them. In fact, his ideas helped me think in new directions. For such hard work and open mindedness, he is to be respected.

However, based on his own statements, I'd rather use a list compiled from a peer reviewed study like Shohsinkan and exCon posted.

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