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Promted by the wrist grab thread, below are the accepted top 10 acts of violence in the UK, taken from police figures (male on male). There are a load of notes that go with it, but I am just going to list them and put a short summary after,

Hope it is of help with anyone looking to have a good realistic self defence aspect to their art -

1. attacker pushes, defender pushes back, attacker throws a swinging punch to the head

2. a swinging punch to the head

3. a front clothing grab, one handed, followed by punch to head

4. 2 handed front clothing grab, followed by headbutt

5. 2 handed front clothing grab followed by knee to groin

6. bottle, glass or ashtray to the head, swinging

7. a lashing kick to groin/lower legs

8. a bottle,glass jabbed to face

9. a slash with a knife, usually 3-4 inch lockblade or kitchen knife

10. a grappling style headlock

most of our self defence training should be against a swinging punch to the head, the top 2 spots.

85% of people lead with a right handed punch, train accordingly.

3,4,5 are grabs, you got your distance wrong, ignore grab and attack.

6,8,9 are weapons, 3/10 top attacks are with weapons - shocking reality.

7. against a kick angle in or out to attack, do not go back or the following punch will get you

10. headlock, back or side is very common if the initial attack fails.

In my dojo we also train 3 'grappling' situations -

a. front rugby tackle attack, the shoot

b. having been knockdown, attacker straddles and pounds

c. having been knocked down, attacker kicks to face and body

This info is a combination of 'others' certain theorys and reports and my own expierience and is shared in the spirit of budo. please dont sue me!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments

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