Here is an application for your pressure point use that is really good in grappling and as an assist for tuite. Grabs! Grab something and squeeze and twist it. Here are some good ones to start with. H3 and LI 11. You can grab from the front of the biceps or if your hand is larger, from behind. It can numb the whole lower arm.

I like grabbing both St 9. Hit with an open ridge strike then grab both points digging in and behind the wind pipe and then pull or not depending on if you ever want to practice with that uke again.

I also like grabbing the neck tendon around the CSM muscle with fingers in St 9 and thumb in LI 18 (or the other way around depending on whether you are in front or behind your uke). Grab dig twist. Do you have favorites?
The older I get, the better I was!